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ITSA - Information Technology Staff Augmentation


ITSA is the District’s method for the procurement of IT staff augmentation contractors. OST, Inc. (Optimal Solutions and Technologies) facilitates the staff augmentation procurement process between District program managers and ITSA-registered vendors. OST, Inc. has partnered with Peoplefluent to provide a fully-functional Vendor Management System that handles the workflow from beginning to end. The ITSA Project is ISO 9001:2008 compliant.

The DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) awarded the Information Technology Staff Augmentation (ITSA) contract to OST, Inc. in August 2008. ITSA is primarily focused on increasing the efficiency of the District’s IT staff augmentation procurement practices and providing District CBEs (Certified Business Enterprise) with a system dedicated to transparency and neutrality. Since implementation, the program has made great strides in raising process efficiency, reducing the procurement timeline for all involved parties, lowering cost for the District government, and increasing process transparency.

OST is continuously training new agencies to participate in the program.  All requirements for IT staff are located on the District of Columbia’s Open Data, available at opendata.dc.gov.

ITSA Benefits

  • Commitment to have 95% of the requirements filled by CBEs
  • Process Neutrality
  • Vendor Neutrality
  • Web-based tool that is accessible anywhere, 24 hours/day.
  • District managers issue requests for resources.
  • Subcontracting vendors respond with resume submissions.
  • Automated invoicing and timesheet submission for resources.
  • Tier 1 Support
    • ITSA Support is available from 8-6PM Monday through Friday (not including District Holidays)
  • Senior Project Team are specialized in:
    • IT Staff Augmentation
    • Implementing and facilitating Managed Service Provider (MSP) contracts in the Public Sector

Best Practices



Vendors Interested in Joining ITSA

Vendors must be registered with ITSA as a CBE or NON-CBE. Please contact itsa-support@ostglobal.com to request vendor registration information.

FY2017 Billing Cycles (PDF)

To the Vendor Community

We would like to thank the vendor community for helping make this program successful. Your feedback is valued as it helps us find areas to improve. Please continue to provide your comments and suggestions to us at itsa-support@ostglobal.com We look forward to offering more opportunities to engage candidates as additional agencies sign on.

Candidate Submissions

OST conducts Candidate Submission Training every 3 weeks at OST Headquarters. This training is open to all vendors and recruiters. Please see the Calendar to view the schedule. If you are interested in attending, please send an e-mail to itsa-support@ostglobal.com requesting a seat in the next available session.


Please see the Calendar for invoicing and payments dates that are also available on the invoicing schedule in the Vendors section below.

DC Open Data

Search for ITSA datasets using the search bar at the top of the page. Data available includes:
-ITSA Current Awarded Engagements
-ITSA Current Open Requirements
-CBEs Active in ITSA Program

Potential Vendors

Please contact itsa-support@ostglobal.com to request vendor registration information.

IT Professionals Interested in ITSA

Please note that ITSA does not hire individuals directly. All hires are made through ITSA-registered CBEs. Each CBE can only submit one candidate per opening on all requirements. Please see the current CBE Listings found at the DC Open Data Site and visit the DC Networks website.

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